Monday, December 14, 2009

Artist's Statement

The element of fire has been thematic throughout all of my most passionate endeavors.My intention for this concept is to explore all expressions that this element can bring to bare as a utensil as well as a medium, harnessing fire in order to generate an expression or as an expression itself.I believe it no coincidence that many metaphors for passion make direct reference to fire, flame, or heat.

Commission Pricing and Information

When you choose to commission the artist for a piece of glass art you will be making a contract to receive a one of a kind, unique piece of quality art and craftsmanship. No two pieces are alike. The artist never uses molds and all pieces are blown 100% by hand. You may choose to give the artist carte blanche and he will develop a design and color scheme using his artistic sensibilities. Or you may have something in mind, a color scheme or specific request for a bowl or a wall hanging rondel. In this case you will collaborate with artist in terms of color or size.Because each piece is unique, pricing ranges depending on the colors selected and the size preferred. Pricing may also take into consideration the fact that you are purchasing a number of pieces. For more information on exact pricing, please contact the artist through email at

We look forward to working with you!

General Categories of Glass Art:
*Ornaments: spherical or icicle
*Hair picks
*Rondels (flat wall hangings)
*Drinking Vessels
*Lamps: torch, hanging, desk style
*Your suggestions welcome for new ideas and forms.

Bottles & Jars